UMBC Amateur Radio Club

Constitution of the UMBC Amateur Radio Club

Article I - Name and Purpose

The formal name of the organization shall be "The UMBC Amateur Radio Club." The UMBC Amateur Radio Club has been established for the expressed purposes of:
  • Promoting Amateur Radio throughout the UMBC community.
  • Providing a pool of trained radio operators in times of emergency.
  • Promoting international goodwill.
  • Advancing the state of the art in communications

Article II - Scope

This organization shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Student Government Association of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, as well as to the President of the University and his/her designee.

Article III - Membership

Membership in this organization may not be denied because of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, disabled veteran or veteran, national origin, or religion.

Article IV - Officers and Elections

The officers of the UMBC Amateur Radio Club shall consist of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall hold the following duties:
  • Shall oversee and coordinate all activities of the club; ensuring that the wishes of the membership are met.
  • Shall preside over all business meetings.
  • Shall work to establish partnerships with other groups within the UMBC community.
  • Shall promote the group to the UMBC community.
  • Shall represent the club in all official functions.
  • Shall have the power of calling or postponing meetings at any time if necessary.
  • Shall appoint other individuals to staff positions, as needed.
  • Shall submit an SGA registration renewal form at the end of each academic year to ensure that the UMBC Amateur Radio Club will be recognized as an official organization for the following year.
  • Shall attend the mandatory SGA Treasurer's workshop, plan the yearly budget, and apply for SGA funding.
  • Shall take minutes and keep attendance at all meetings.
  • Shall handle membership records.
  • Shall manage the club website.
  • Shall check the organization's mailbox at least once a week.
  • Shall manage the subscription of club members to the club email list.
  • Shall keep accurate financial records of the club.
  • Shall keep complete record of all expenses of the club.
  • Shall collect payments and donations.
  • Shall organize fund-raising events.
  • Perform a monthly review of the budget.
  • Shall attend the mandatory SGA Treasurer's workshop, plan the yearly budget, and apply for SGA funding.
There shall also be an Advisor, who should meet the current SGA criteria for Student Organization Advisor. As of this writing, the Advisor must be a member of UMBC's faculty or staff.
The Officers and the Advisor, together, comprise the Executive Board. All officers shall be elected to a term of one year starting and ending on May 1st. The Executive Board, supervised by the Advisor, shall hold elections during the first week of April or whenever vacancies occur. The election can be held in one of two ways: electronically or in person. At least one month notice shall be given before the election. The notice shall, at a minimum, indicate the method to be used for the election and the times and dates for nominations and voting. In all matters pertaining to elections, the Advisor, as a neutral party, is to have the final say. If the election is held in person, an election meeting must be called. Nominations shall be initiated from the floor of the meeting and the elections done by paper ballot. If the election is held electronically, the nominations and ballots shall be sent to the Executive Board by email. The person receiving the most votes shall be elected.
Officers may be removed throughout the year by a two-thirds vote of the total membership. Any vacancy, which may occur in an office, shall be temporarily filled by an appointment by the remaining Executive Board. An election, to permanently fill the vacant position, must be held within 90 days of the position becoming vacant. The election should follow standard club election procedures.

Article V - Amendments

Any member of the UMBC Amateur Radio Club may propose amendments. Only the Executive Board may approve legislation to be submitted for voting. Any amendments not approved for voting may not be resubmitted for thirty days. Resubmissions must not be identical to the original submission and must have relevant modifications.
A two-thirds vote of the membership is required for passing. Amendments are effective immediately upon passing.
All amendments must be approved in accordance with Student Government Association policy before becoming legally binding.

Article VI - Meetings

The times for regularly scheduled meetings shall be decided at the first meeting of each semester, and may be changed with agreement from simple majority of the club members.
At least one week notice shall be given for each regular business meeting of the organization.
The Executive Board may call special or emergency meetings with less than two days notice.
The President, or his/her designee, shall preside over all meetings and manage the meeting agenda.